The Benefits of Marble Tiles

Ottawa Granite TilesThere are multiple benefits to upgrading a kitchen or bathroom with marble tiles. Although there are cheaper alternatives, marble offers a dynamic appeal that is considered to be an excellent investment. Homes that have marble features generally offer homeowners excellent resale value. For those who are not looking to sell in the near future, upgrading floors, countertops and walls with marble tiles will ensure that these aspects of the home will not require future upgrades down the road. Marble is highly durable and has been used in the architecture of some of the world's most beautiful buildings, many of which have been standing for hundreds of years.
Marble Countertops
Marble is a natural stone, meaning that it is scratch-resistant, making it ideal for kitchen countertops. A slip of the chopping knife will not have the same detrimental effect as it would on a laminate countertop. While marble is heat resistant, placing a hot pot or pan on a marble surface can result in a discolouration that cannot be repaired. It is recommended to always use a placemat or potholder.
Marble is incredibly heavy, therefore many homeowners contract out professionals to assist with countertop installation. A do-it-yourself marble project can result in costly mistakes.
Marble Tiles
Many people prefer the look of marble tiles over a standard slab of marble. The options are endless when it comes to design schemes and marble tiles can be implemented in the home in a variety of different ways. With newer technologies, it is possible to cut and size marble in creative shapes that can contribute to stunning patterns and designs.
Marble is highly recommended for bathroom tiles as it will not attract mold as easily as other materials will. For other areas that are exposed to moisture regularly, marble tiles are also perfect.
In addition to making stunning countertops, marble tiles are ideal for homeowners who want to enhance the look, efficiency and "healthy living” aspects of the home. Marble tiles have a higher conductivity to heat meaning that floors are always comfortable and warm to walk on. In addition, they are easy to maintain and clean, therefore they will not attract dust, dirt, allergens or pathogens which can affect the breathing of people who live in a home.
In addition to this, marble has been proven to provide a relaxing surface to walk on which can truly enhance the proper circulation of fluids throughout the human body.
Marble comes in a variety of beautiful colors that will easily fit into all design schemes. For those who appreciate a more modern and updated look, darker colors such as black or brown or grey are recommended combined with dark wood cabinets. More traditional design schemes include lighter wood cabinets and marble tiles in shades of white and beige.
There are also a variety of different styles and designs that can be created with mosaic tiles in either the bathroom or the kitchen.
A professional marble distributor will be able to provide guidance with regards to installation, design and colour.